Low Cost SEO Gets You No Where

Have you ever searched on Google for your business? Most likely, if you typed in your exact company name, you were #1 in the search engine results page (serp.) Also, you may have made the search recently, or on another device where you are logged into your browser and it remembered your search and gave you the same results. While it feels good to rank #1, you are getting a very false reading. Now you ask your friends or family to search for you, probably so you can show off that you are #1, and they get an entirely different result. No, you aren’t #1 on their serp. So you tell them, “No, no, no, you have to type in the company “Barnes Emporium of Walla Walla.” Now what they had searched for is what your business does, sells fuzzy slippers. They entered “fuzzy slippers” or even “where to buy fuzzy slippers” and you weren’t at the top. Maybe you weren’t even on the first page. What happened to that $200 per month you were paying to get ranked? It was working just like it should.

You see, cheap SEO isn’t viable for getting you top ranking, that is unless you truly are the Barnes Emporium of Walla Walla, specialists in fuzzy slippers. That would be a fairly easy term to get #1 even for $200. Most real businesses would find themselves on page 3, 4, 5 or worse on a $200 budget. And you do know the old joke, right? “Where’s the best place to bury a body? On the 2nd page of Google!” – buwahahaha!

Low budget/no budget SEO is like paying $200 a month for a cookie cutter car that goes no where. Low budget means not enough for the fuel, can’t get good tires, the battery has to be charged all of the time, only 5 of 8 spark plugs are firing. It is extremely rare that a $200 budget will get you any competitive word ranked for your business.

Imagine having an unlimited budget. Wow, the things you could do.

Using real analytics and cost/benefit study, you can get SEO that will take your website to places you might have never experienced, like Number ONE! You know how much profit you have from a customer, don’t you? You can also calculate the life of that customer and the long term financial impact they have on your business. Add that in with the cost of the keyword you are targeting and how many new customers may be searching for you, you can properly see what kind of results you could get from being #1. Done correctly, your Return On Investment (roi) would be something you can feel confident that GOOD SEO is well worth the costs.

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