Don’t Let PEBCAK Errors Stifle Your Online Marketing

Many novice online marketers get in their own way when attempting to launch their first campaigns. Wi

thout thorough and considerate understanding of the new online marketing techniques of today, the novice online marketer (NOM) will soon manifest the symptoms associated with PEBCAK errors.

PEBCAK is the humorous label given by technical support nerds to the less-than-informed computer users, when the issue the user is having can be attributed to the user and not the system or software. The acronym PEBCAK is symbolic for “problem exists between chair and keyboard.”

Recognize the symptoms

Looking for the “get rich quick” scheme in online marketing is a common error the NOM will fall into. Many SEO/SEM companies will promise to “get you on page one of Google” by using tactics and strategies of dubious nature. In the long run, these methods, commonly referred to in the industry as ‘black-hat’, will eventually get your site penalized by the search engines.

Poor website content and site organization is the next symptom of PEBCAK errors in online marketing. If your marketing message is hard to locate, or your business can’t be found online, you’ve got to correct the poor mapping, whether literally using online maps to find your store location, or navigating the link structure on your website.

PEBCAK error

Ignoring what your customers say about you online is another symptom of PEBCAK errors. Disregarding negative reviews online can seriously damage your online reputation. While you may not make every customer happy, responding to their concerns online will demonstrate to potential customers that your business is serious about good customer service.

Many business people today still have not accepted that social media marketing is important. Disregard of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pintrest, and the like is a PEBCAK error that will definitely put you behind your competitors who do recognize the importance of Social Media Marketing (SMM.) When someone is looking for a business, they trust their friends’ recommendations. If their friends congregate on Facebook, they can get almost instantaneous reviews of any situation in life. “Who is a good plumber?” That question can get immediate response from friends and some times with critical information that leads directly to a purchase.

If you want to avoid PEBCAK errors in your online marketing, call Total Online Marketing today to set up an appointment for a free marketing review.