What are some of the ways to promote my business without running a website?

I have had several people ask me if they needed a website. I’ve also had many somewhat successful local business owners do what they do without having a website. And often, these local business owners will tell of how someone found them online and say, “I don’t know how they did, I don’t even have a website.”
The internet is a vacuum repository of information. Information gets sucked in, sorted and filed for users to find and use for their various purposes. Let’s take the local mom & pop shop that has no purposefully created website. He did join the chamber of commerce and mom is on Facebook. Their friends know of mom & pop’s business too. So, by organic occurrence, friends, family, customers and more will put their information on the www. This information is then sorted, filed and used by others for their purposes. The chamber of commerce data is mined by directory websites and posted multiple times. A person using Google maps stops off at mom & pop’s to conduct business and checks in, maybe leaves a review. Friends on Facebook like their business and since they don’t have a website, they create a page for them. All organic actions that create a viable web presence.
This organic web presence can be artificially induced too. In some ways a person my observe that if it is created artificially, is it still ‘organic’? I would point to agriculture and farming for the answer. There are organic foods that aren’t wild and natural, but in neat rows of cultivation. The same can be done with a business presence.
Purposefully cultivate your Facebook BUSINESS page (even if you avoid personal interaction), Google My Business, Linked In, Instagram, Tumblr and more. Don’t forget the map sites such as Google maps, Mapquest, Bing Maps, Apple Maps. Add a simple one page comprehensive web site if you want to have your own brand of domain name. I know, I did say this could be done WITHOUT a website, but why push fate? And while you may not be able to rank this web page, you could still get some referrals.
Note, this method is long and does not in any way indicate the best method for online marketing. As a matter of fact, I would rank this process VERY low. My reason for writing about it now is to show you that using industry standard best practices of having an established and vibrant website, ADDING these organic Web 2.0 types of ‘properties’ will boost your intentional marketing strategy.
I have a lead generation website with 1 page. It has Facebook, Google My Business, maps and a few other Web 2.0 properties. Without doing any additional significant marketing, I get about 1 call per month from it. I know 1 call won’t feed the cats, but it’s from something I don’t do any extra work on. Also, it’s for pool service, no magic.

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